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Frequently Asked Questions


Why "Newton" Educational Videos why not some other name and why is the apple the symbol of Newton Educational Videos?

Why can't I resell the video I buy?


Why "Newton" Educational Videos why not some other name and why is the apple the symbol of Newton Educational Videos?

One sunny day Issac Newton was sitting under an apple tree thinking of the stars and planets. He fell asleep thinking of this idea and had a dream that he was in space floating with the other planets in the solar system. After a few hours a slight breeze came across the apple tree. This slight breeze was enought to detach an apple making it scream towards the ground. In the place of the gound on this particular day was the head of a person named Isaac Newton. After Newton was so rudly woken up he looked on the ground to see what could have possible hit him on the head. The apple on the ground got him thinking about his dream and suddenly if by magic he could see that all the planets in the solar system could have their movements explained by a very simple equation which was later named Newton's law of universal gravitation which helped to advance the scientific revolution. There is some debate as to weather this particular situation actually happened, but it is a nice story to tell. The apple in addition to hitting Isaac Newton on the head is know as being the fruit of knowledge in the story of Atom and Eve. Newton Educational Videos hopes to be your fruit of knowledge or the bump that you need to wake yourself from a good slumber to help you achive your goals. We hope you enjoy watching our educational videos and understanding more, remembering more, and learning more, in less time.


Why can't I resell the videos I buy?

Newton Videos are watermarked specific to the buyer for copy protection. With the watermark, and not allowing the video to be resold, we know the exact person responsible if the videos do appear on YouTube, peer to peer networks, the internet, or redistribution in other ways back to the person who started illegal redistribution of the copywrited material. This kind of copy protection does allow the buyer the freedom to copy the videos to the hard drive of all their own personal computers so they can watch it as they please without the use of the DVD. One backup copy may also be made to secure the data incase the original data is damaged. We will also be glad to send a replacement disk, that has the same watermark as the original, incase the original disk is damaged. The buyer is responsible for keeping the videos off peer to peer networks, the internet, and redistribution to other people in anyway.


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