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CINEMA 4D Training
Volume 1: Tons Of Stuff

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CINEMA 4D Training Volume 1: Tons Of Stuff covers so much stuff it is due to become the must have resource for anyone who uses CINEMA 4D. This covers just about every object in the objects menu like all the Primitives, all the NURBS, all the Deformation Objects, all the Modeling Objects, Particles including Thinking Particles, and all the Spines but that is not all it has. After each object is covered we show how to use as many of the objects as possible in the following tutorials. This volume also covers materials, rendering, animation, texture projection, lights, cameras, lighting a scene without using Global Illumination, Global Illumination, Ambient Occlusion, MoGraph, snapping, XPresso, Thinking Particles, Pyrocluster, how MoGraph and Thinking Particles interact, rendering settings, customizing the interface, all the polygon modeling tools, how to use the polygon modeling tools, and many hidden features are also explained. Common questions are answered like; What is an HDRI?, Why is UV unwrapping needed?, What is texture projection?, How can I make good 3D text? We also pack in a ton of tutorials that show the tools in action. Just a few included are simple lamp, a bat, ornaments, bed frame, swirly candle, an odd shaped vase, bed shown above, dice, a good wine glass, a cool animation in the Super Hero Figure Tutorial, an animation of bubbles in a fish tank using Xpresso and Thinking Particles, and a fireball. For anything not covered in depth we point to a place where in depth information can be found on that subject. This amount of content would easily sell for over $400 other places. Here it is a fraction of that price.

This volume is also friendly to the beginner by getting someone familiar using Cinema 4D while making simple things. As the beginner transforms to an intermediate user then an advanced user this video ramps it up to make some more complicated things. We make this volume in depth enough so advanced users learn things, but starts from the very beginning, so anyone brand new to using CINEMA 4D will be able to understand and follow everything.

Below is a very long list of sections that can be found in this volume along with some sample videos. Don't let the names fool you there is a lot more packed into each section then the name says. We are currently working hard to make a downloadable list that will gives a better description of the massive amount of information in each section. We are also currently working hard to make these videos up to date with R12 of CINEMA 4D.

All videos from Newton Educational Videos are made to be friendly to younger audiences and should play perfectly on Mac, PC, Linux, PS3, and Xbox 360. Here we let you download the videos and store them on your computer for viewing offline. The videos are watermarked and licensed specific to the buyer so don't share or resell them with others. It could take up to 3 days for encoding from the date of purchase.

Newton Educational Video hopes you like these videos and comes back for other educational needs.



* Right click on High Quality and choose "Save Link As . . ."" to save the videos.

C4D Training Vol.1: Tons Of Stuff Min:Sec File Size
Chapter. 1: My First Model    

Sec. 0.1: Chapter Preview

Sec. 0.2: Putting Newton Videos In Their Place
Watch:   High Quality   
3:26 10.4 MB
Sec. 0.3: Downloading and Installing CINEMA 4D Demo
Sec. 0.4: C4D Packages and Getting C4D For Cheap
Sec.1: Primitives, Tearing Off Menus
Watch:   High Quality   
10:12 29.0 MB
Sec. 2: Finding Stuff, Moving, Rotating, Scaling, Modes, and Make Editable Intro
Watch:   High Quality   
11:29 27.4 MB
Sec. 3: Pan, Zoom, Rotate, and Change the View
Watch:   High Quality   
4:34 10.5 MB
Sec. 4: Make Ornaments – Tutorial
Watch:   High Quality   
Download Finished Project Files
11:42 25.7 MB
Sec. 5: Saving 2:28 4.7 MB
Sec. 6: Make A Bat - Tutorial   MB
Sec. 7: Rendering Settings 2:38 5.3 MB
Sec. 8: Render The Ornaments - Pending 23:47 40.9 MB
Sec. 9: Display In Depth 5:34 15.1 MB
Sec. 10: Keyboard Shortcut Basics 5:05 9.8 MB
Sec. 11: Make a Lamp – Tutorial 15:45 28.2 MB
Sec. 12: What Are Tags and Parent Child Relationship 4:02 9.9 MB
Sec. 13: Renaming Objects 2:34 5.6 MB
Sec. 14: Accuracy 10:40 20.2 MB
Sec. 15: Super Hero Figure Part 1- Tutorial 18:26 41.4 MB
Sec. 16: Storage and Two Little Dots 4:31 8.6 MB
Sec. 17: Using Math In CINEMA 4D 5:20 11.2 MB
Sec. 18: Object Manager and Layer Browser 4:54 9.2 MB

Sec. 19: How To Help Yourself

6:25 13.0 MB
Chapter 2: Materials    

Sec. 1: Introducing Materials
Watch 5 min. Preview:   High Quality   

19:31 35.8 MB
Sec. 2: 2D and 3D Procedural Shaders   MB

Sec. 3: Layering Procedural Shaders

Sec. 4: Material Channel Basics 16:27 41.6 MB

Sec. 5: Texture Projection Basics
Watch 2 min. Preview:   High Quality   

13:45 66.4 MB
Sec. 6: Texturing House Ornament – Tutorial 20:34 49.0 MB
Sec. 7: Texture and Label The Bat - Tutorial - pending    
Sec. 8: Setting Up 2D Images For The Bed Part 1 - Tutorial 8:48 20.1 MB
Sec. 9: Setting Up 2D Images For The Bed Part 2 - Tutorial 13:06 26.0 MB
Sec. 10: Finishing Off The Bed Frame - Tutorial 10:51 21.3 MB
Chapter 3: Lots More Objects    
Sec. 1: Splines 13:10 25.6 MB
Sec. 2: NURBS 11:52 25.7 MB
Sec. 3: Make a Curved Pipe - Tutorial   MB
Sec. 4: Make Good 3D Text – Tutorial   MB
Sec. 5: Editing Splines 24:49 59.8 MB
Sec. 6: Make a Good Wine Glass – Tutorial    
Sec. 7: Make a Vase – Tutorial 34:00 70.5 MB

Sec. 8: Camera Introduction
Watch 2 min. Preview:   High Quality   

Sec. 9: Lights Introduction   MB
Sec. 10: Modeling Objects 8:38 17.3 MB
Sec. 11: Saving Time 19:07 50.3 MB
Sec. 12: Make The Headboard For The Bed - Tutorial 18:15 47.5 MB
Sec. 13: Finishing The Bed – Tutorial 23:10 43.2 MB
Chapter 4: Intermediate Stuff    
Sec. 1: Animation Basics 17:52 35.3 MB
Sec. 2: Global Illum. and Ambient Occ. Basics 30:30 84.1 MB
Sec. 3: Introduction To MoGraph 47:44 112 MB
Sec. 4: Super Hero Figure Part 2 - Tutorial   MB
Sec. 5: Super Hero Figure Part 3 - Tutorial   MB
Sec. 6: Make The Interface Work For You Part 1 9:20 17.9 MB
Sec. 7: Make The Interface Work For You Part 2 6:14 13.3 MB
Sec. 8: Basic Preferences 22:55 59.7 MB
Sec. 9: Introducing Polygon Modeling   MB
Sec. 10: Make a Dice The Right Way – Tutorial   MB
Chapter 5: Advanced Stuff    
Sec. 1: Advanced Move, Scale, and Rotate Options 2:42 5.0 MB
Sec. 2: Use Render LOD For Editor Rendering   MB
Sec. 3: Particles & Mograph   MB
Sec. 4: Make a Blob Waterfall – Tutorial   MB
Sec. 5: XPresso & Thinking Particle Basics - Part 1   MB
Sec. 6: XPresso & Thinking Particle Basics - Part 2   MB
Sec. 7: Ripple Shader   MB
Sec. 8: Make Bubbles In Tank Using TP Part 1 – Tutorial   MB
Sec. 9: Make Bubbles In Tank Using TP Part 2 – Tutorial   MB
Sec. 10: Make Bubbles In Tank Using TP Part 3 – Tutorial   MB
Sec. 11: Release 12 Dynamics Intro - Part 1   MB
Sec. 12: Release 12 Dynamics Intro - Part 2   MB
Sec. 13: Thinking Particles, Mograph, Dynamics, and The Picture Viewer   MB
Sec. 14: Pyrocluster Basics - Part 1   MB
Sec. 15: Pyrocluster Basics - Part 2   MB
Sec. 16: Make a Fireball Part 1 – Tutorial   MB
Sec. 17: Make a Fireball Part 2 – Tutorial   MB
Chapter 6: Advanced Modeling Tools    
Sec. 1: Deformations   MB
Sec. 2: Make a Class Light – Tutorial - pending   MB
Sec. 3: Selection Menu   MB
Sec. 4: Structure Menu Part 1   MB
Sec. 5: Structure Menu Part 2   MB
Sec. 6: Make a Teacher's Desk – Tutorial - pending   MB
Sec. 7: Make a Student Desk – Tutorial - pending   MB
Sec. 8: Function Menu Part 1   MB
Sec. 9: Function Menu Part 2   MB
Sec. 10: Make Something - Tutorial - pending   MB
Sec. 11: Good Ways to Edit Hard Meshes   MB
Sec. 12: Make The Classroom – Tutorial - pending   MB
Chapter 7: Bonus Chapter    
Sec. 1: To a Computer Everything is On or Off   MB
Sec. 2: Computers and Colors   MB
Sec. 3: HDRI High Dynamic Range Image   MB
Sec. 4: Make a Swirly Candle – Tutorial   MB

Total Length = 15hr+ |  Total Size = Over 1.5 GB  |  All Numbers Are Approximate


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