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Computers and Intro to 3D



Computers and Intro to 3D maybe the best place anywhere to learn all about computer hardware. These videos will hopefully help teach someone enough about computers so they will feel comfortable putting together a computer, fixing a broken computer, or upgrading a computer. In addition to computer hardware we talk about some tips on shopping around to get a good price for the computer parts and safety tips to follow. The first volume covers the inner logic a computer has so less problems and faster renders will be encountered when working with any 3D program. 3D terms covered include Quads, triangles, N-gons, normals, HDRI, and Rendering. This is a must have for anyone in the 3D field that wants to learn the inner logic and hardware of the computer to help them work with less problems.

Chapter 1 starts with teaching some definitions and terms that need to be know in order to understand what the hardware of the computer does. This gives a good foundation to build on in Chapter 2. Chapter 2 goes into computer hardware, buying the parts, and putting together the computer. Please watch the sample videos below to get a better idea of what the volume has.

All videos from Newton Educational Videos are made to be friendly to younger audiences and should play perfectly on Mac, PC, Linux, PS3, and Xbox 360. Here we let you download the videos and store them on your computer for viewing offline. The videos are watermarked and licensed specific to the buyer so don't share or resell them with others.

Newton Educational Video hopes you like these videos and comes back for other educational needs.



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Chapter 1: 3D and Computer Terms


Sec.1: To a Computer Everything is On or Off
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2:54 8.7 MB

Sec.2: Computers and Colors
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6:12 14.5 MB

Sec.3: HDRI High Dynamic Range Image
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8:28 24.9 MB
Sec.4: How a Computer Remembers 7:02 24.9 MB
Sec.5: Intoduction to the 3D World 7:43 35.6 MB
Sec.6: What Is Rendering? 1:38 5.6 MB
Sec.7: Chapter Review 0:59 6.6 MB
Chapter 2: Computer Hardware

Chapter Preview
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2.23 10.6 MB
Sec.1: Get to Know Computer Hardware Part 1 11.05 51.2 MB
Sec.2: Get to Know Computer Hardware Part 2 12.22 63.7 MB
Sec.3: Get to Know Computer Hardware Part 3 10.08 52.5 MB
Sec.4: Get to Know Computer Hardware Part 4 17.51 61.5 MB
Sec.5: How to Know Which Parts Are Better 6.53 23.5 MB
Sec.6: Where to Buy the Computer or Parts 12.10 45.3 MB

Sec.7: Putting Together The Computer Part 1
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9.51 43.0 MB
Sec.8: Putting Together The Computer Part 2 23.10 120.7 MB
Sec.9: Putting Together The Computer Part 3 10.53 53.0 MB

Total Run Time = 2 HR 35 MIN 13 SEC           Total Size = 646 MB

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